17 ways to improve your amateur blogs in 7 days

17 ways to improve your amateur blogs in 7 days. Blogging has become a career for many people. It is what pays the bills.

Blogging should be seen as a business; and not a hobby. Hobbies don’t make you money. Many people won’t have succeeded if they continued as amateur bloggers.

This article is intended to move you from an amateur blogger to a pro. Here are the tips you can follow to move to the next level in your blogging endeavors.

You are still running amateur blogs if your contents are not engaging. You have to improve your writing skills to get visitors. If you can’t write well, get help from paid professional content writers.

This is part of what makes you a professional blogger. The readers are your audience and to keep them, you must provide them with high-quality content, or else you lose them to other serious bloggers.

2. Stop using free platforms 

Your blogs would still be seen as amateur blogs if you are still using free blogging platforms like WordPress.com or BlogSpot. If you want to be a professional blogger, you have to move to a self-hosted platform like wordpress.org or use a customized domain for your BlogSpot.

If you want to turn your blog into a profitable business, you must move to a paid platform by getting unique domain names and hosting for your blogs.

3. Start email marketing 

Email marketing and blogging are like Siamese twins. One cannot do without the other. Email marketing is one way to reach out to more audience and also make them loyal readers.

It helps you to reach your audience on a consistent basis. It is also another credible way to generate traffic to your blogs. You must take advantage of email marketing if you want your readers to keep coming back.

4. Monetize your blogs  

It is difficult to monetize amateur blogs with free domains. But you can monetize self-hosted or domain customized blogs to start earning money. That is one way to become a professional blogger. Your blogs should make money for you and there are different ways you can monetize your blogs.

You can sell products on your blogs by sharing affiliate marketing links. You get paid once one of your blog visitors buys a product. You can also publish sponsored posts where you help brands to promote their products.

You can also earn income through ad networks such as Google AdSense or do affiliate marketing. Find an affiliate program that suits your blog.

If you are blogging in the area of health, you can look for companies that sell health-related products and help them to sell and earn a commission. This is another way to monetize your blog.

5. Become visible on social media platforms 

Social media platforms have become an integral part of blogging. You can reach out to more audience with your social media accounts.

Post some of your contents on social media and visitors would click to read the full story on your blogs. It is another way to increase traffic on your blogs.

You are still running amateur blogs if your blogs don’t have social media handles.

6. Improve the SEO of your blogs 

SEO is a key part of blogging. It is another effective way to generate traffic too. Search engine traffic is called organic traffic.

Use the right keywords for each post so that interested readers can find your blogs through the search engines such as Google.

7. Don’t just drive traffic, get an audience 

Driving traffic to your blog is good. At least, you know you are getting some page views. But the page views are not enough. You need an audience.

The audience is your loyal readers. They have some attachment for your blog. They are expectant when you have not made a post for a day. They come to your blog frequently on their own. Do everything to retain these set of people because they will help you to succeed.

Make posts that serve their interest. Blogging is all about the audience; not the traffic. Traffic comes and goes, but the audience stays. That’s what makes the difference.

8. Engage your audience 

Don’t sit back and watch your audience engage themselves alone. Take part in the discussion.

If you make an interesting post whether on social media or your blog and you see your audience commenting on the comment sections, use this opportunity to engage them in banters or on the issue being discussed. 

This helps to encourage the audience because they are interested in what your views are on some topical issues on your posts. This also makes your comment sections very active too. This is germane in blogging.

9. Advertise your blog 

It is difficult to advertise your blog on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is because money is involved. Where do you get money to advertise when you are just starting or when your blog has not started making money?

This can be very challenging. But if you want to move your blog from its amateur level to a professional level, you must advertise. Advertising your blog gets you traffic, audience, and potential advertisers. Above all, it helps to make your blog popular.

You can never shy away from this reality. Don’t rely on online adverts alone. Do some offline adverts too like having fliers and posters. Let your community know that you are doing something that is beneficial to them.

Let them know that you are engaged in something that can solve their problems online. If you put what you are selling under the table, no one would see it. If you don’t tell, you don’t sell. Simple!

10. Join bloggers’ groups 

As a blogger, you can’t afford to be an island onto yourself. You have to join bloggers’ groups on social media where ideas are shared daily.

You can drive traffic and get an audience from these groups. You can join several groups and post your articles on these groups. Some persons will click on your links to land on your blog.

This is a well-proven strategy that many bloggers have used to move to the next level in their blogging career.

11. Use Google Analytics 

This is a very important tool for bloggers. You are still an amateur blogger if you are not yet using Google Analytics. This is a tool that helps you track the performance of your blog.

This tool helps to let you know the behavior of your visitors. It helps you to track the pages that visitors read most. With this, you would be able to find out the topics that are of interest to your audience.

This will help you to write more contents that will serve the interest of your audience or visitors. You can’t do without this all-important tool.

12. Don’t overlook guest posting 

Many amateur bloggers don’t involve themselves in guest posting because they don’t know its importance. Guest posting is powerful. Guest posting is where you post your articles in other blogs that are not owned by you.

Guest posting improves your authority in the field of blogging. It increases your ratings too. Guest posting makes you and your blog popular. Of course, you have to find a way to put your blog’s address and your name on the guest posts.

This can boost your search engine rankings. Guest posting will help you to get referral traffic to your blog in the form of page views. Guest posting must be taken seriously if you want to move to the next level in the blogging world.

13. Avoid keyword stuffing 

Involving in keyword stuffing is a major sign you are an amateur blogger.

It is desperadoes that involve themselves in this act because they are desperate to rank higher on Google search engine and other search engines. 

Before we move forward, it is important to define keyword stuffing.

What is keyword stuffing? 

Keyword stuffing is where you stuff too many or repeated keywords in your articles or meta tags to gain an unfair advantage to rank higher on the search engines.

Keyword stuffing is a web sin that can be penalized. It could earn you a ban. If you have to become a professional blogger, avoid keyword stuffing like leprosy. It may harm you badly.

14. Increase your PA and DA 

PA means Page Authority while DA means Domain Authority. But what are Domain Authority and Page Authority? Domain Authority is a web metric introduced by Moz.com to rate website or blog domains.

The score awarded is from 1 to 100. 1 is seen as the worst and 100, the best. A blog with a higher DA is likely to rank better than others. What is Page Authority? Page Authority is a web metric used by Moz.com to predict how well a particular page will rank on the search engines.

The score is also from 1 to 100. As a blogger, you must make deliberate efforts to improve your blog’s DA and its PA.

This is key to improve your DA, your SEO must improve. Some of the ways you can improve your DA is to publish quality and unique contents. Content is what brings in visitors. Don’t dilute your content offering.

Make it a key part of your strategy. Do thorough search engine optimization. Internal linking is very important. A good example of internal linking is Wikipedia. On Wikipedia, you would notice there are different links that can direct you to other web pages.

Almost everything that you do to improve your blog’s DA can positively affect the PA. You have to involve in backlinks too. You need to do some research on backlinks. It will help your blog greatly.

15. Network with other bloggers 

Networking is very important in business. Same applies to blog. Try to network with other bloggers. Join bloggers’ associations or groups. Attend bloggers’ meetings regularly.

This is where you may get the opportunity to do some paid tasks like promoting a new product or publishing a press release that an individual or company intends to make go viral.

16. Participate in interviews 

Don’t shy away from an interview if you are invited. It could be on TV, radio or a blog.

It will help to position you and your blog better. After the interview, try to appreciate the interviewer with some cash that you can afford if the interview was done for free.

17. Find a sponsor for your blog 

This can be very tough. But you just have to make some efforts to find a sponsor or sponsors for your blog if you want to become a pro blogger. This will go a long way in positioning your blog.

Never think that your blog is not good enough to have a sponsor or even sponsors. You can also think of how to sell advert slots on your blog to companies.

Doing this means you have to horn your marketing skills. You have to think of how to convince them maybe through the number of daily visitors on your blog.


Blogging is not a tea party there are desirous of leaving an indelible mark in the world of blogging, and you must move your amateur blogs to become professional blogs.

Everyone wants to do business with a professional. Even if you have done all the right things to move you from an amateur to a professional, it takes patience and perseverance to succeed. In other businesses, you do not reap your efforts immediately. Blogging is not an exception.​

It takes a while for the results to show. Don’t quit when the result is not showing. Be patience and persevere. The result would start to show some day. You just have to be relentless. You can become a professional blogger in less than 7 days.

Take your blogging hustles to the next level by becoming a professional blogger by taking actions daily.

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