11 Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Telephone and email communication are well known for communicating with your customers. These two means of communication are still very much relevant. What about using a Live Chat? This could be a better way to provide a quick reply to your customers. A live chat helps to provide quick answers to urgent questions that could help clear a customer’s doubt about your product or service. Apart from helping to answer queries, a live chat helps to increase leads and conversions too. Integrating a Live Chat into your WordPress website has a better advantage over telephone and email. Your customers don’t need to hang on the phone waiting for a reply. A Live Chat gives you an instant reply. If you are looking for a Live Chat plugin for your WordPress website, you can sit and relax to check out our 11 best free WordPress Live Chat plugins.

1. Tawk.to Live Chat 

This is not just one of the most popular Live Chat plugins, it is also one of the best free WordPress Live Chat plugins. This is an excellent Live Chat plugin that enables you to chat and monitor your website visitors. It has no spam and no irritating ad display. You can chat with customers both on mobile and desktop. Everything is in real-time. The plugin integrates seamlessly with any WordPress theme. With 2million+ business users, Tawk.to Live Chat cannot be wrong.


•    Compatibility with all modern browsers

•    Free iOS, Android and Windows app to keep in touch with customers 24/7

•    Get a real-time response from customers

•    Enable multiple agents on one Dashboard interface

•    Get 24/7 live support from Tawk.to customer support .

2. Tidio Live Chat 

This is another top-notch WordPress Live Chat plugin that allows for easy communication with your customers. It integrates perfectly with any WordPress theme. The installation is super easy. The good part of it is that it comes with a chat box to solve customers’ most pressing questions in order to generate leads that convert.


•    All-in-one platform that allows for chat, email and messenger

•    Dedicated app for mobile and desktop devices

•    The widget supports 180+ languages

•    Offline form for visitors that would send you an email notification when you are not online

•    Integrates perfectly with MailChimp and GetResponse

•    Different colour schemes are available

•    Easy to install

•    Technical support is available 24/5.

3. Pure Chat

This chat plugin offers you unlimited chat. It can be activated and customized using a widget. After installation, you can configure the settings from the dashboard. The mobile app is great and it is available for free. The chat interface is easy to customize. There are no annoying adverts after installation.


•    Easy to install

•    Widget customization with ease

•    Chatbox integration.

4. Click to Chat for WhatsApp Chat  

If you want your customers to chat with you on your WordPress website using WhatsApp, this is best chat plugin for you. The chat plugin is easy to install and integrates well with your WordPress website. The plugin is perfect if you find out your customers are more comfortable using the WhatsApp chat platform. This plugin will create the highest customer value for you and your business. It makes it a lot easier for customers who are on mobile. The mobile app opens up immediately they contact you on mobile and if it is on desktop, it connects to WhatApp’s website web.whatsapp.com for instant chat. No doubt, this is one of the best free WordPress Live Chat plugins.


•    WhatsApp Chat and Group Chat

•    Upload your own image

•    Animations

•    Shortcodes integration

•    Google Analytics

•    Shortcodes supports WhatsApp Chat and Group Chat

•    Easy to install.

5. Wise Chat

This is a powerful WordPress chat plugin with amazing features. This is a great plugin to increase customer engagement on your website. The plugin is easy to install and configure. Use this WordPress Live Chat plugin free.


   Easy to install and can be integrated using shortcodes, widget and PHP function

•    It is mobile ready

•    There are 3 themes to choose from when it comes to styling the interface

•    There is no need for an external server

•    Unlimited chat room

•    Private chat is allowed and it is password-protected

•    You can chat anonymously using whatever name you deem fit

•    You can take a picture and upload on mobile devices

•    24 sound notification to choose from

•    Users can report spam messages

•    The Administrator can ban users who refuse to follow the rules.

7. JivoChat Live Chat 

The JivoChat Live Chat gives you the opportunity to receive customers’ communications through chat, email, phone and Facebook. Yes, you are right if you say JivoChat is all-in-one. You can use this WordPress Live Chat plugin free.


•    Easy access to Facebook gives you the opportunity to access your Facebook account without the need to log in every time.

•    Visitor monitoring is a lot easier because the plugin tracks visitors real-time

•    Easy language translation makes this plugin a fantastic one.  The translation is automatic. There are no language barriers with the quick and correct translation of different international languages such as Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, English, Finnish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Romanian, Indonesian, Chinese, Greek and a host of other languages.

•    You are able to see the messages a user is typing before it is sent to you.

•    No site loading problems. The plugin doesn’t drag down your website. With JivoChat, your website loads in no time. 

•    The plugin supports unlimited chat agents. You can transfer or invite a colleague to handle a particular customer.

8. Crisp Live Chat 

If you want to grow your email list, generate leads and have a super relationship with your customers, a Live Chat plugin such as Crisp Live Chat can deliver perfectly. The plugin provides free Live Chat with real-time notifications. There are mobile apps for ease of communication with your customers.


•    With Live Chat support, all communications are done real-time

•    Chatbox support helps to answer the most important questions that your customers ask very frequently

•    Real-time notifications notify you when a chat starts

•    There are mobile and desktop apps for an easy chat. There iOS and Android app for mobile; Windows Operating Systems and Mac Operating Systems for desktop.

•    You can see what a visitor is typing on the chat platform before it is even sent to you. This helps to get you ready for a good response.

9. Zendesk Chat 

This is another free Live Chat plugin that you can use to increase leads and convert your customers to paying customers. It is an instant chat platform that can be integrated using a widget. You can enable multiple conversations through the dashboard. With more 80,000 active installations, there is no doubt the plugin is one of the best free WordPress Live Chat plugins that you can find. 


•    The plugin is well optimized for mobile. This means your customers are able to get in touch with you on mobile always

•    With Real-time Analytics, the analytics dashboard allows you to monitor your visitors and usage patterns.

•    Compatible across modern browsers.

•    iOS and Android compatibility for iPhone, iPad and all Android devices.

•    Widget customization is supported.

•    Zendesk supports more than 40 languages.

10. Chaport Live Chat 

This is a well designed Live Chat platform that looks like a modern messenger. It allows you to have a maximum of 5 agents with unlimited chat. With Chaport, you have access to your chat history. Communicate real-time and increases sales with Chaport Live Chat.


•    Group chat is supported

•    Mobile apps for iOS and Android

•    Get offline messages when you are not online

•    Use emojis freely

•    Get typing insight before the message is sent

•    Multilingual widget chat support

•    Ban on visitors who don’t adhere to rule and regulations.

11. Chaty 

Chaty is a unique chatting plugin that allows your customers to choose their channel of chatting with you. There is WhatsApp Chat, Facebook Messenger, Email, Phone, SMS, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, Line and a host of other channels to choose from. It is a free Live Chat plugin for a robust chat with your customers. The chat buttons of all the channels are placed at the bottom of your website making it easy for customers to choose the channel they understand better to reach you. 


•    You can put up different channels for mobile and desktop

•    Choose from 7 different colours

•    You can decide if you only want the widget on mobile; not desktop or both.

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